Allora Consulting - IT Services Company in Raleigh NC

Although IT Service companies in Raleigh NC are becoming more and more popular, not many people are completely aware of the nature of the services that are offered by an IT company or exactly what an IT company does on a daily basis. The term ‘IT Services Company’ covers a broad area, it includes many service segments within the IT services industry. Here are just some of the typical services offered by most IT service companies:
Most firms today are IT-enabled companies and these companies use local area networks for their every day business operations. This means the computer network becomes the spine of their business operations. It is therefore crucial that they have a healthy computer network that is completely functional and a network that is safe from external threats. When signing up for computer network support service you can feel safe, knowing that your network will be monitored around the clock. Your Raleigh or Chapel Hill IT services company will help protect you by setting up firewalls that will prevent outside parties from intruding on your network. The nature and the scope of the services offered here differ based on customer requirements.
  • Server and Computer Setup

Just like in case with network support services, when you signup for server and computer setup services, your service provider will set up your intranet and internet servers depending on what requirements you have. Your IT services company in Raleigh or Chapel Hill will also monitor the servers for any unauthorized usage and keep watch of the general server health for uninterrupted operations.
  • support service contractIT Infrastructure Management / Maintenance

When you engage an IT services company for IT infrastructure management or maintenance, the span of the service encompasses a much larger spectrum whereby your IT services company takes care of everything that may relate to your company's IT needs, including but not limited to network monitoring and support services.

  • Bandwidth  Consulting / Planning

Bandwidth is a significant concern for a lot of companies, rightfully so, because a lack of adequate knowledge and expertise in this area can result in a dramatic increase in costs. Companies can benefit from signing up with IT service provider and getting help in planning their bandwidth usage and optimizing their bandwidth usage. As a result, bandwidth related expenses can be kept under control.
Aside from the network, related services IT services companies can also take care of the website hosting needs of the customer. In the modern day, many businesses opt to have a strong online presence. In order to so, it is vital to have highly reliable hosting services so that your brand and company enjoys stable online presence.
Web site design and development is yet another sector of IT services. If you need to setup an online shopping cart, website, or a portal for your business, you can signup contracts with a Raleigh or Chapel Hill website development company to take care of all your web development needs.
  • Software Installation and Support

IT service companies can also help you with all the software installations and on-going software support as well. Hiring a an IT service company for software installations and long-term software support will help you cut costs since you are not required to hire an in-house resource, which is likely to cost much more than outsourcing these tasks to a third party service provider whose services can be used only when required.