AlloraNET (Extranet for our Customers and Associates)

AlloraNet is our Extranet used for our Customers and Associates. 

Link to AlloraNet

Originally, the sole purpose of AlloraNET was tracking the time spent by Allora Technicians and Consultants. Through AlloraNET, a user is given a dedicated login to a secure extranet portal where one can easily search, review, email and print any labor or service report recorded by Allora workers for years back. A technician is obliged and commited to accurately record the time spent on a customer's project along with a clear, concise description of the activity performed.

Since the beginning AlloraNET has seriously evolved and improved its capabilities. The most interesting tool that we have developed for the Consulting phase of our process is our "Project Estimator". For each project, whether it be web or network related, the Project Estimator allows us to produce an accurate proposal. It contains a brief breakdown of all activities involved, accompanied by the amount of hours that it typically requires to perform these activities. If the customer desires to learn more about any of the stages involved in Allora's process, each of them is displayed hierarchically with expanded information sections. Consider the following example: Networks -> Servers -> Hardware -> Deploy server RAID
We would provide the client with an introductory and easy-to-read blurb on the nature of Networks, then Server, then Hardware and finally the actual Activity of Deploying Server RAID. The latter includes the explanation of its purpose, prerequisites on the client's part, the description of technician's work and an hour figure.

We believe that our Estimation Tool includes all important technicalities and at the same time delivers a clear representation of the varying stages of the project along with the initial page housing a labor estimate. Often in the past, our clients would rather skip long and boring parts of a proposal and instead only see pages with numbers of importance. Allora's plan is to make everybody happy by providing a short, one-page punch list in addition to thorough coverage of technical aspects of servers, web design, and all the rest.

Looking forward, we are currently in the process of developing AlloraNET 2.0 which would involve a complete re-write of the existing extranet.  It is being created as a Joomla extension.