Our Rates for IT Support Services in Raleigh Durham area

Allora has chosen to bill hourly, in fifteen minute increments, for all of our IT support services in and around Raleigh NC, (excluding hosting). Our "Base Rate" for labor stands at $120 per hour. Outside of our normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM) we add a surcharge to the Base Rate of 50% ($180 per hour after hours). We happily offer a number of different discounts to our customers:

  • Customers invoiced over a certain amount of time each month receive a discount on services. Think of it as a bulk-discount. These discounts are as follows:
    • between 5 and 9.75 hours: 3% ($116.40 /h)
    • between 10 and 19.75 hours: 5% ($114 /h)
    • between 20 and 39.75 hours: 7% ($111.6 /h)
    • 40 or more hours: 10%. ($108 /h)
  • 501(c)(3) non-profits receive a 15% discount ($102 /h)
  • Customers who sign a Customer Agreement receive a 25% discount off IT support services scheduled on a monthly basis (< $90 /h)

Hosting Rates and Availability Services
We have a number of different hosting packages available to meet our customers' varying needs. We also offer availability service packages for those customers who opt to take a proactive approach. To find more information about these packages check out the following links:

Service Reports and Invoices
Within a day or two of completing service for a customer, we send out a Service Report for the customer to read via their email. The Service Report lists the amount of time spent and a description detailing what was done during the time. At the start of each month, we send each customer a comprehensive invoice detailing all IT support services rendered and expenses incurred during the past month. Invoices are due on receipt (non-profit customers do have an additional 30 days in which to make payment).

For some types of services, certain materials may need to be purchased. The customer can either purchase these items themselves, or request that an Allora staff person do so. If the latter is chosen, we send an Expense Report to the customer detailing each of the purchases made. If Allora does purchase any number of items and the customer has not paid for them by the end of the month they were purchased, a 25% administrative fee is charged.

Late Fees
Customers who have not paid their account in full by the final day of the month will then be issued a late fee of $25.00. All non-profit customers are allotted an additional month before they will be charged any late fees. Furthermore, after a grace period of 25 days (55 days for non-profits) from the date of an Invoice, Allora will begin to assess finance charges in the amount of 0.07% per day on any unpaid balance until the point the balance has been paid in full.

Service Area and Drive Time
Allora serves customers throughout different areas of North Carolina. We charge for drive time when our network technicians make an on-site visit to a customer's location. Further information about this, as well as a list of standard drive times in our service area, can be found here.