Redundancy and IT Solutions in Raleigh NC

The key to reliability in the IT world, is redundancy. After long enough, it is just a fact of life that hard drives fail; but by having redundant, mirrored hard drives, you can save and protect your company's valuable data. Wherever possible, Allora chooses to stress the importance of redundancy for all of the critical components in the infrastructure. In addition to recommending mirroring your server's hard drive, we utilize redundant solutions for power, bandwidth, email, server availability, and workstation availability.

You may not have even though of the next form of redundancy that Allora provides: redundant network technicians. Every customer in the Raleigh-Durham area is assigned both a primary and backup technician. If by chance the primary technician is unavailable, the backup technician has consistent records of the vital data they need to allow them to be of good service. S single independent contractor or person on staff may eventually result in a sick day or vacation, where things can still go wrong. Who is left when things go wrong? Allora will be there for you.