Small Business Server Hosting, Setup and Management - SBS 2011 in Raleigh NC

Windows-Small-Business-ServerTraditionally in Raleigh Durham area a Small Business Server resides onsite at the office of an  organization with 3-50 employees. Nowadays cloud technologies (which are embedded in form of Exchange, RWW - Remote Web WorkplaceShare Point) and virtual machines allow for establishing Small Business Server hosting offsite, which results in considerable advantages for an organization of 5-25 users.

To break it down, unlike the traditional layout a hosted Small Business Server scheme has several key aadvantages:
  • customer avoids capital investment (initial cost) into hardware, software and IT services for the deployment: $5,000 - 10,000 
  • management is outsourced by hosting provider (the cost is folded into a monthly fee)
  • backups are monitored and controlled by the host
  • professional server environment and facility security for a SBS server is maintained at a very high level
  • valuable super-reliable bandwidth is provided "on the house" (10Mb per second in both directions)
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Managed SBS 2011 Hosting - Standard

Managed SBS 2011 Hosting - Advanced

OS Carrier RAID1 SSD Mirror
(6Gbps, ~0 seek time)
 RAID1 SSD Mirror
(6Gbps, ~0 seek time)
Data Storage  250GB
(Hardware RAID1 mirror)
(Hardware RAID1 mirror)
Bandwidth   3Mbps Up / Down  3Mbps Up / Down
Burstable to 10Mbps
 CPU 2  3
OS Updates
Static IP
5 Users  
Setup $300 $400
Monthly Fee $450 $600
Additonal User (monthly) $5 $6

The main and only weakness here is WAN speed which is quite slow compared to a Gigabit LAN speed at most offices, here's how we overcome this issue:
  1. File synchronization services like Good Sync, Owncloud or Dropbox (commercial or free) can silently run in the background providing local access to the data synchronized with the server. In fact, that's exactly how email has been handled by Outlook-Exchange pairing for many years now, it's only natural to embrace the same approach for files.
  2. Customer can also choose complementary hosting of  several Windows 7 workstations accessible via Remote Web Workplace. This route would essentially turn local workstations into thin clients (or terminals), it's applicable for typical applications - word, excel, accounting but not suitable for working with image editing, audio or video processing. 


Managed Windows 7 Hosting - Standard

Managed Windows 7 Hosting -  Advanced

Hard Drive  30GB  (Hardware RAID1 mirror)  50GB (Hardware RAID1 mirror)
Bandwidth   3Mbps Up / Down  3Mbps Up / Down 
 CPU 1 2
 RAM 1.5GB 2.5GB
OS Updates
Office MS Office 2010 Pro MS Office 2010 Pro Plus
Setup $60 $90
Monthly Fee $40 $60

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