Our Business Philosophy on providing IT services in Raleigh NC

You may be curious about what drives our approach to providing outsourced IT solutions in the Raleigh-Durham area is, or you may be wondering why we choose to ignore traditional approach and post our rates for everyone to see. We think our Business Philosophy entails all of these concepts:

In regards to billing, there are usually two different types of companies providing Small Business IT support:

1) firms that charge and bill by the hour and therefore a customer only pays for actual IT services provided

2) firms that collect a constant monthly fee in exchange for a promise to provide IT service when needed, sometimes regardless of how much work is actually done

Allora's philosophy has become firmly established on the first type and here's why:

a) we have explored alternatives and it has led to serious issues like frustration and a sense of unfair charges for customers as well as the provider having difficulty with time management

b) throughout the years we have spoken with many customers running away from their retainer-based agreements for one simple reason: once an IT consultant collects a payment there arises a temptation to simply coast without exerting much effort, or to stop looking for ways to provide proactive maintenance. This temptation is so strong that most companies will fall for it. We have heard horrifying testimonies from disgruntled businesses about the absurd levels of begging that it took to actually get a network technician onsite. Another common complaint was about response times exceeding days, if not weeks. This is very common for retainer-based providers as it is essentially a completely direct consequence of human nature when there's a lack of accountability.

Based on this experience we've developed these key principles of operation for providing Small Business IT supportillustrated by this video) :

  • proactive approaches will always be better than reactive response. It is cheaper, easier and significantly less stressful for everyone involved. Thus establishing a schedule for maintenance and inspection is incredibly essential
  • when an unexpected issue arises, response time for dealing with it must be less than one business day
  • a customer will always has access to reports of all IT services performed prior to receiving an invoice
  • NO TAXATION on computer infrastructure: if there is no labor - there will be no charge

Our customers are the best testimony to the success of our approach and we encourage you to see what they have to say about it.