Execution of IT Solutions, Raleigh NC

Consulting is the first stop of our business process. After this phase, our words go into action. By this point, all the important variables and details of the situation in hand have been set, and the customer has accepted the proposed road map for a project. Allora's team is now ready to execute the plan. Next there are two important aspects of the execution phase to be aware of:

  1. Short-term impact of the transition: preparing the data, optimizing the old system (if applicable), and potential downtime during the time of the project.
  2. Post-deployment necessities: troubleshooting, further customization, training of the staff and future Support, and other specific needs.

During the consulting phase Allora will take care of the small nuances. We do our best to predict potential inconveniences, and are therefore able to take steps to minimize their impact. A very important factor of any suggested IT solution is the cost efficiency. It is typically not too difficult to find a good middle ground between the easiest route possible and the cheapest option that Allora can deliver. Overall, it is always up for the customer to choose based on where they stand: some folks might pick a budget solution with fewer features (still a sturdy solution but may be lacking in the area of extra specialties and features) and there are clients who may instead opt for the first-class version.  We are equipped and capable of doing either of these options, or anything in between.  Allora Consulting is confident that our customers will be satisfied with their chosen IT solution, whatever the choice is.