Focus on the Customers in Raleigh Durham area

Being consultants, we need understand the different IT solutions available in the Raleigh-Durham area; we think about what IT plans would work most efficiently, and be most reliable, while keeping the costs reasonable. An important factor in keeping this promise is that we do not ally with any particular vendor, allowing us to find the best deals available to you. We operate similar to an entire IT department for your business, without the large overhead required. Allora works for you.

Our articles containing IT Solutions have our best recommendations for the best IT infrastructure. We want to improve everything about your technical solutions, improving your company's organization, communication, and efficiency. These articles available, for free, in hope that they will serve to enhance our consulting work.

As a small business firm, Allora can easily relate to your needs. Being in the same boat, we know to lend our attention towards balancing cost effectiveness and professional work for your IT needs. We know how to focus on you, our customers, and the needs they have.

We find ourselves asking ourselves many questions that may be similar to what you are asking yourself, questions like:
  • How much bandwidth is right for me, and how much should I be paying?
  • What server build would be most appropriate for the company, without going over the budget?
  • Are we getting the best value the web services we're paying for?

We encourage you to see what our clients have to say about us, if you're still not sure of how we're focusing on the customers.