Employment at Allora in Raleigh NC

Allora is still a young company, but we have all been doing this for quite some time. We were forged on the coals of the dot-com era, and our experienced staff has emerged from under the rubble to build a new IT economy in the sectors that we think need it most: small to mid-sized businesses, local firms of professionals, and non-profit organizations.

One of the primary goals of Allora is to enrich the lives of our employees-from contractors and part-time staff, to associates and partners. To our full-time employees we offer the pay structure and benefits that provide financial stability and incentives so that they may improve and excel.

Permanent Positions:  At the current time, there are no permanent positions Allora is looking to staff. However, we are always looking out for talented network technicians, programmers, and web designers. If you are interested, feel free to send us a resume so that we can contact you if a position becomes available that we believe to be a suitable fit for you.

Contractors:  Allora will often use contractors to perform necessary Logistical Services for our customers. First, contractors must demonstrate their capability and be certified by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Allora does not use contractor labor for any customer consultation or support.