Small Business IT Support in Raleigh NC

There are times when you can predict exactly what you need done and when you want it to be scheduled. For example, with a newly hired employee, you know that they will require a desktop computer and printer.You know that you want your important data backed up on a timely basis in order to ensure reliable and secure access to the data at any time. Because you want to minimize downtime and maximize productivity, you know you may want work done on your computer network after business hours. But what will happen if your laptop crashes days before your next big business trip? Who will you contact if your server suddenly goes down, or if your employees aren't able print for some odd reason? Sometimes you need technical assistant on very short notice, and you want it without hassle.

In these times of need you may rely on the two types of work detailed below. 

1) Contractual Services or just Services for short are scheduled, recurring services. They are non-urgent in general nature, such as maintenance, upkeep, or tune-up, and are driven by a legal agreement.They are scheduled ahead of time and generally require a pre-determined or known amount of time to complete (unlike Consulting). Several Contractual Services are often combined into a single, larger service event, such as an on-site visit with a complete server backup and roll-out of Windows updates. We work to comprehensively cover the entirety of IT needs for small to mid-sized businesses all across Central North Carolina.

2) Unexpected support is usually required by businesses that depend on IT for their operations. This way they can surpass arising technical difficulties and continue with their scheduled activities towards good business and profit. Allora provides swift and effective support for a large variety of annoying technical issues. We provide all of our enrolled customers with a Support hotline telephone number, as well as access to our Customer Support via email, or our online intranet - AlloraNET. With these available tools, customers can choose how to directly request support from an Allora employee. In the latter case, a qualified person will respond to your request within in a timely fashion and seek to provide the Support Labor required to resolve your issue (Labor for short). Customers that opt to sign a Service Contract with Allora enjoy very nice distinct regulations of our response time.